Friday, December 4, 2015

$1,975 / year tax for #autosprawl, we could have #freetransit for $250

citylab : "The 2014 column shows existing fees, which total $1,975 a year for the average household. (Again, these are averages; individual household payments will vary widely.) The 2016-2017 column shows what the fees will be when some new legislation kicks in (such as the Move Seattle plan that passed earlier this month), and assuming another measure set for next fall also gets approved. These amount to $2,762 a year, a 40 percent rise over current spending."

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

US people want #publictransit, US Congress does not

Letter: Congress should be all in on public transit | The Salt Lake Tribune: "Congress needs to make public transit the priority it should be by passing a long-term transportation bill with increased investment in public transit. And they should do it this year, while there is still time. Our economy, environment and quality of life are all at stake. Voters are watching what they do on this important issue. I hope our members of Congress have the courage to set us on a better course when it comes to transportation in America.

Greg Hogan

Salt Lake City