Saturday, July 27, 2013

Salt Lake City employees have #freetransit passes

Deseret News: ""All of the city employees have free transit passes, which is something we encourage other businesses to do," she said."

Friday, July 26, 2013

Transit Riders Union - WTF, Olympia? Rally this Saturday, July 27

Transit Riders Union: "“WTF, Olympia?” Rally this Saturday, July 27: Print a poster for your bus stop!
The rally will start at noon at City Hall Park, the grassy park on the south side of the King County Courthouse at 3rd and Yesler, 450 3rd Avenue."

The State Legislature failed to pass any local funding option for public transit, and now King County Metro is preparing to cut bus service by a whopping 17%.

65 bus routes are on the chopping block, and 86 more would see reduced service in 2014 –impacting 70% of riders in King County.

Join the Transit Riders Union and allies in letting Olympia know we won’t stand for these cuts! Together our combined voices will echo in the halls of power.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

UTA is Sweatshops on Wheels: Happy 4th of July

Catmeow: "The Mobility Center does Evaluations of the Disabled and the Elderly to see if they Quality for Paratransit Taxpayer $$DOLLARS$$ would better spend on a Good Bus System to Help Reduce the need for Paratransit and also service more People.

Taxpayer are having too Pay 75% of Fares for Partransit for the Disabled and the Elderly.

Utah Transit Authority gives very Poor Customer Service to Individual that are Transit Dependent are defined as those who depend on Public Transportation for their for their Mobility and Personal Viability. UTA is Creating Bigger Government.

Utah Transit Authority has no real Plan Build a Real Good Bus System it is all about Trax and FrontRunner. The so Called $$TAX$$ Increase that UTA wants will be used to Help Fund Trax and FrontRunner.

The Corruption at Utah Transit Authority Continues. UTA Spend a Average of $260,000 a Year on Lobbyists."