Saturday, March 2, 2013

Seattle #freetransit advocate speaks up

From traffic and taxes to tall trees, you've got the answers | Pacific NW | The Seattle Times: Eric Martenson of Kirkland had a similar idea, but his concept is for a ride-free bus zone that encompasses the entire King/Pierce/Snohomish County region. To finance it, Martenson would pool money private businesses now spend on bus passes with even more corporate, and some public, investment.
He uses the word "investment" seriously: Martenson's notion is that a hip community with free regional transit would be a national magnet for new industries and the best, brightest workers. It also would speed up commerce by unclogging freeways. The local economy would boom. Money saved on expanding road systems could be diverted, as well. And, yes, user fees for those still driving around aimlessly would go up to help fund the service. He would put the entire thing as a package deal to voters.