Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Transit Justice & Health « OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon

Transit Justice & Health « OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon: "OPAL’s Bus Riders Unite! is a community building and mobilizing effort among bus-dependent people in the Metro Portland Trimet service district.  We focus on meeting, educating, and empowering those most affected by the decline in bus service and the increase in fares.  We seek to identify disparities in funding and service to our communities, and advocate for more accessible, affordable, and safe Triment bus service.  Our focus on mass transit is an integral piece of environmental and social justice in the Pacific Northwest.  OPAL outreaches to bus riders primarily on the #4, #9, #20, #71 and #72 lines, organizes monthly bus rider meetings, and mobilizes to win improved equity and health through public transportation."

Monday, August 19, 2013

Idaho Wildfire Rages On As Media Avoids Mentioning Climate Change

ThinkProgress: "The seven largest U.S. fire seasons since 1960 have burned in the last thirteen years, and although 2013 may not go on record nation-wide, it has already resulted in the most destructive wildfire in in Colorado history and caused the death of nineteen firefighters in Arizona."

Sunday, August 11, 2013

#freetransit advocate running for Seattle city council get 35% of vote

United States: Socialist local candidate wins 35% of vote, enters run-off | Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal: "“Working people in Seattle have a clear political choice for a change. If you want to fight for an alternative to the status quo, join us in the struggle for a citywide $15/hour minimum wage, a major expansion of public transit by taxing Seattle’s millionaires, increased investment in affordable housing, and implementing rent control”, said Sawant."

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Native Americans Arrested While Protesting Tar Sands Equipment Transport Through Tribal Lands

ThinkProgress: "Hundreds of Native American protesters and environmentalists created a human barrier on Tuesday, meant to block shipments of oil extraction equipment on its way through tribal lands to the tar sands in Alberta, Canada. Police cleared passage for the trucks by arresting 20 protesters."