Sunday, June 24, 2012

With #publictransit, a little money goes a long way

Why?: "Proposition 1 is a small investment that will RESTORE and SAVE bus service in our communities. Prop 1 will cost the average resident $3.33 a month, or only 3 pennies on every 10 dollars spent— protecting mobility for those who need it most, and removing thousands of cars from our already crowded streets and freeways."

Friday, June 15, 2012

Visions of Transportation

Walking, Biking, Riding

 ~ In Seattle, Sound Transit is extending light rail to Northgate. There's a vigorous debate about whether to build park-and-ride spaces or infrastructure for bikes and pedestrians, especially a foot/bike bridge over I-5.

Which to build?
Park-and-ride use is popular in King County, where most major lots are filled or overflowing. The 1,500 spots at Northgate are generally full, sending people to park on surrounding streets.

"We could fill more, I could assure you of that," says Ron Posthuma, a Metro Transit assistant director for planning.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Job Benefits of Public Transit

By Industry

 ~ Public transit just makes sense in so many ways.

Jobs created per million dollars of investment

Oh, and where is Big Oil which the API keeps telling us is such a wonderful job creator? The original study suggests combined oil and gas is 5.18 jobs per $1M investment, but that is, well, all gas. If oil were broken out in this chart, their number would be negative. The oil industry has been shedding jobs for years and pales as a job creator to the renewable energy industry.

Others of interest: roads and bridges repair (20), conservation (20), water infrastructure (20), school buildings (19), financial industry (7), nuclear industry (4). Study details here.

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