Sunday, July 29, 2012

This Is Your Ocean on Acid, and It's Not Pretty | Climate Central

This Is Your Ocean on Acid, and It's Not Pretty | Climate Central: "When that acidic water entered the hatcheries, it caused oyster shells in their critical formative period to dissolve. Oysters and other shellfish, including clams and lobsters, and a host of sea creatures that include plankton and corals, need calcium carbonate minerals to form their shells and skeletons. Normally ocean water is full of these minerals, but as carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions have climbed across the globe, the ocean has absorbed increasing levels of CO2, causing ocean acidification to rise and the availability of these minerals to fall"

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Free transit advocate, socialist Kshama Sawant running for State House

Seattle Transit Union Endorses Socialist Kshama Sawant for State House: "Sawant advocates reversing the $10.5 billion in budget cuts to public services that her opponent Democratic Representative Jamie Pedersen and the Democratic Party-majority state government have implemented during the economic crisis. In fact, Sawant calls for expanding funding to make public transit free, environmentally sound, and extremely convenient for commuters. Seattle has the 4th worst traffic in North America because its transit system is centered around private cars, which is also disastrous for the climate change crisis. "

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Chris B. Leyerle: Climate Change Adaptation

Chris B. Leyerle: Climate Change Adaptation: " ~ Those who deny climate change and its obvious impacts use many rationalizations. As these become harder to plausibly defend, there is a growing trend away from denying the reality to denying the significance of the impacts."

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