Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Transit Justice & Health « OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon

Transit Justice & Health « OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon: "OPAL’s Bus Riders Unite! is a community building and mobilizing effort among bus-dependent people in the Metro Portland Trimet service district.  We focus on meeting, educating, and empowering those most affected by the decline in bus service and the increase in fares.  We seek to identify disparities in funding and service to our communities, and advocate for more accessible, affordable, and safe Triment bus service.  Our focus on mass transit is an integral piece of environmental and social justice in the Pacific Northwest.  OPAL outreaches to bus riders primarily on the #4, #9, #20, #71 and #72 lines, organizes monthly bus rider meetings, and mobilizes to win improved equity and health through public transportation."

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