Sunday, April 7, 2013

Catmeow Public Transit: Utah Transit overpricing mass transit

Catmeow Public Transit: Ingwell: Overpricing mass transit: "Utah Transit Authority Spend a Average of $260,000 a Year on Lobbyists.

Utah Transit Authority Pay $610,000 have UTA Board of Trustees too Travel the World and for Elected Officials too Travel the United States.

John Inglish Severance Package Total $364,406, John Inglish will receive a Lifetime $200,000 Pension.

Taxpayers having too Pay 75% of Fares for Paratransit for the Disabled and the Elderly.

The Mobility Center does Evaluations of the Disabled and the Elderly to see if they Quality for Paratransit Taxpayers $$DOLLARS$$ would be better Spend on a Good Bus System to Help Reduce the need for Paratransit and also Service more People.

Utah Transit Authority has Hurt Hundreds, Hundreds and Hundreds of People because of the Destruction of the Bus System. People have Lost there Jobs, also there are many Individuals that have Lost there Independence all because of the Destruction of the Bus System. What the Destruction of the Bus System has cause is more need for Food Stamps, Medicaid, People going to the Food Bank and more Homeless. Taking Buses out of Neighborhoods Increases Poverty and Crime.

Utah Transit Authority has a Very Inefficient Bus System 90% of Salt Lake County Residents will not be able to Leave their Vehicles at Home and take Public Transit to get the Airport Trax.

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