Wednesday, January 31, 2018

UW expansion critic calls for #freetransit

Groups want changes to UW expansion plan | KOMO: "Another sticking point for petitioners is the impact the campus’ growth could have on the community. Laslett is calling for free public transit passes to minimize the gridlock."

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

#Freetransit cleaned the air and made Portland a #publictransit city "TriMet started Fareless Square in 1975 in response to the federal Clean Air Act. The idea was that offering free public transportation in downtown Portland would cut down on carbon monoxide in Portland.

It worked. In 2008, TriMet said carbon monoxide was no longer a pollution problem in downtown Portland.

TriMet also saw a huge jump in ridership as Portlanders began to adopt a consistent use of public transportation, leading to the city’s status as a center for public transit today."

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A teaspoon of #publictransit to make the #autosprawlsubsidy go down

OPB : " The bulk of the money would go toward untangling highway choke points on key freight and commuter routes, including along most of the freeways in the Portland area. The package also contains funding for mass transit, although lawmakers specified it would not go toward expanding light rail. There’s also money in the package for bicycle and pedestrian paths and seismic upgrades to earthquake-vulnerable bridges."

Friday, April 28, 2017

Trump’s transportation cuts will hurt communities

HeraldNet: "Increase traffic congestion. Traffic congestion already costs our nation an estimated $160 billion annually in lost time and fuel, and it will only get worse without public transit investments."
Letter points out that Trump's trillion dollar "infrastructure" plan doesn't make sense if congestion is just going to get worse. To answer, the plan is just a giveaway to domestic and foreign private interests, so there will be a lot of "fixing," but not much repairing.

One could add that if making all current urban buses fare-free could save 20% on congestion alone, it would pay for itself.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Anchorage - #autosprawl meltdown, people begging for buses

The Echo News: "One woman who shared she is disabled and whose name was difficult to hear without microphones, related that she will have to walk a half a mile more. Another person related that the new routes will cause her to walk further, but with the winter condition of the city sidewalks, she’ll be walking in the street as she already has to walk on top of sidewalks covered with tall piles of snow."

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Boise choked by cars, studies problem five years and discovers buses

KTVB.COM: ""Everyone sees what's been happening in downtown Boise in recent years and they understand that over time we're running out of room for building more lanes, we’re running out of room for building more parking spaces," said Journee.

That's why Journee says people need new transportation options for moving around the city and within the downtown area.

One of the ways the city would do that would be with a circulator.

"This is very specific to downtown this would be something that someone could wait for for a few minutes at a stop and hop on and take them to a very specific place downtown," he said.

In October, the city completed a five-year-long alternatives analysis of how the circulator would work."

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Utah should use #freetransit to fight bad air

Jesse Ruins Utah’s Air – UVU Review: "For starters, on days that it gets to be so bad that it is classified as a “red air day,” the state should offer free public transportation with UTA busses, Frontrunner and Trax. It would be a class act move from Utah, but it is something that I don’t see happening in the near future."